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Investigations are normally charged at an hourly rate. The hourly rate is $85-$100 per hour per investigator ($120 per hour for cases in Mexico, $150 per hour per investigator for Medicare/Medi-Cal cases). A signed retainer agreement must be received before any investigation is commenced. If you choose to retain Inter-Continental Services Group, please request the necessary forms, print, sign and date the hourly retainer agreement (see client intake form) and send it along with a copy of a valid  government issued identification and retainer fee to:

Inter-Continental Services Group
P.O. Box 212530
Chula Vista, CA 91921-2530.

On a case by case basis, a flat fee may be negotiated for a specific investigation. Please feel free to discuss this with CEO Alberto Martinez.

Email us at:
Contact us at: (619) 866-4462
FAX: (888) 347-5051
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