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Private Investigations, Executive Protection, Training and Consulting are critical to your success, I-CSG is your solution for innovative investigative services in the US, Mexico and globally.

“Ofrecemos Servicios En Español”


 Inter-Continental Services Group is a San Diego County based company with a staff of private investigators, specialists, and trainers who are former local, state and federal law enforcement officers/Agents. Our ability to provide professional investigative, training, executive protection and consultant services is unsurpassed. 

Our private investigators are men and women who have established reputations and extensive law enforcement expertise in an array of fields. These qualities are invaluable when dealing with the criminal justice system.  This ability to communicate and liaison with law enforcement is critical. 

When private investigative services, executive protection, training and consulting are critical in today's modern day corporate and private business world, we meet your demand and challenge with a state of the art  solution. 

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Our Mission is to provide innovative private investigations, executive protection, training and consulting, while ensuring the "satisfaction of our clients' needs",  at the same time remaining loyal to the principles of integrity, honesty and privacy.  Whether a specialized investigator is needed, undercover operative, bilingual interviewer or, an investigator with years of experience.  I-CSG is unsurpassed.. 
Contact us at: (619) 866-4462  Fax: (888)347-5051
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